W.S. Degreaser Water Splitting Degreaser

W.S. Degreaser Water Splitting Degreaser

W.S. DEGREASER is a water based industrial grade degreaser which is the ideal solution for use on pit roads, depot floors, refuelling points and any areas that become contaminated with oils and greases.

W.S. DEGREASER emulsifies when washed off with water and then “splits” in the separation tank or interceptor system (within 10 minutes) allowing the water to flow away safely so the effluent can then be removed for disposal.

Accreditations and Approvals

• ESG (Scientifics) assessed

• Hitachi Rail UK approved

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W.S. DEGREASER can be used on all hard surfaces and can be applied via power washers, steam cleaners, automatic washers , floor scrubbing machines or mop & bucket.

W.S. DEGREASER contains a unique corrosion inhibitor which prevents scale build up in systems.

W.S. DEGREASER is non corrosive, non toxic, and non flammable.

W.S. DEGREASER is biodegradable and has no harmful effect on sewage systems or septic tanks.


• 5 Litres 

• 20 Litres

• 220 Litres

• 1000 Litre IBC