5L Tile Cleaner - QTC

5L Tile Cleaner - QTC

QTC's unique cleaning power is all that's required to eliminate problem areas around showers and pools.

The ideal product for deep-cleaning tiled floor areas, QTC quickly and safely removes scale and lime build-up that can often lead to customer complaints.

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QTC easily deals with ingrained dirt or scale in traditionally tough areas of the leisure industry that can become unsightly over time. Attract, impress and retain members year on year by maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in reoccurring problem areas.

Ideal product for the deep cleaning action of tiled floors.

Removes limescale build up from all surfaces.

Will not affect water pH or TDS readings.

Dilutes with water for even greater economy.

Easy application via mop or deck scrub.


• 5 Litres 

• 20 Litres