4 x 5L Green HMP Hot Melt Purge

4 x 5L Green HMP Hot Melt Purge

Green HMP – Liquid Hot Melt Purge is a low-viscosity cleaning fluid specially developed to clean and remove hot melt adhesives associated with hose-fed hot melt application equipment.

Green HMP is a liquid formulation that effectively dissolves all hot melt adhesive and decomposed or charred material.

It works by reducing the viscosity of hot melt adhesive and enabling the charred hot melt to be flushed easily from your pre-melt tank system or hose.

Green HMP is:

  • Non Toxic
  • Non Flammable
  • Odourless In Use
  • NSF Approved
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Green HMP – Liquid Hot Melt Purge is used widely across food packaging industries, as well as the bottling and nonwoven sectors - but its powerful formula is ideal for any industry that uses hot melt systems and adhesive application equipment. 

It’s the perfect product to help regularly clean and maintain your hot melt system by loosening decomposed, charred material.

Green HMP’s formula is free of wax and mineral oils and is non citrus-based.

As a non-flammable liquid hot melt purge, it’s safe to use on all adhesive application and hot melt equipment including tanks, hoses, seals and o-rings and will not damage any Teflon coatings.

Green HMP’s accreditations and approvals

  • NSF-approved hot melt cleaner for cleaning adhesive application equipment (tanks and hoses).

  • Widely used within BRC-accredited plants for the safe and effective cleaning of adhesive application equipment.

  • Approved hot melt cleaner within New Zealand through MPI (Ministry for Prime Industries) for use within all food plants (except dairy).

  • Canada Health-accepted hot melt cleaner 

Areas of use

 Green HMP is widely used to effectively remove and purge hot melt residues from:

  • Hot melt glue tanks

  • Pre-melt glue tanks

  • Adhesive application equipment

  • Glue delivery hoses

  • Hot melt hoses 

Green HMP is the perfect product to use as a:

  • Liquid hot melt tank cleaner

  • Hot melt hose cleaner

  • Flushing agent for hot melt tanks and hoses

  • Hot melt flushing agent

  • Liquid hot melt flushing agent

  • Hot melt glue tank cleaner

  • Hot melt cleaner for charred adhesive