2 x 5K Gardol Adhesive/Glue/Latex Shield Silicone Free

2 x 5K Gardol Adhesive/Glue/Latex Shield Silicone Free

Prevent unwanted build-up, machine downtime and protect surfaces and equipment from cold glue, latex and starch build-up with Gardol by Gard Chemicals.

Gardol cold glue release agent has been specially developed as part of our highly effective, unique and comprehensive range to prevent the unwanted build-up of cold adhesives and cold glues and is widely used in industries such as bottling, towels and tissues, packaging, carpet manufacturing and woodworking.

Accreditations and Approvals

  • NSF Approved: Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (P1) 154763

  • New Zealand: MPI Approved C 26 (All animal product except dairy)

  • Canada Health Accepted: KS18022101

  • Widely used within BRC-accredited plants for the prevention of cold glues (including starch) from adhering to surfaces. 
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Areas of Application


Apply GARDOL to :- glue pots, drive shafts, areas of overspray, doctor blade assemblies, cylinder journals, application trays, cylinder shafts, holding tanks etc. 


Apply GARDOL to :- shafts, turntables, label fingers, plastic guards, return chutes etc. Always re-apply after washing down. n.b. do not apply to pallets. 

Carpet Backing

Apply GARDOL to :- doctor blades, roller ends, latex tanks, drip trays etc. 


Apply GARDOL to :- pressing equipment, form press, press band, press roller and application equipment. Platens should be coated two-three times a day using a cloth. If particularly high temperatures are used, repeat the process more often. (GARDOL contains no silicones).


  • Silicone Free

  • Water Miscible

Industries Used

  • Bottling / Canning Plants

  • Sheet Manufacturers

  • Carton and Board Plants

  • Towel and Tissue Manufacturers

  • Woodworking