5L Tile Cleaner & Restorer - Gard TC10

5L Tile Cleaner & Restorer - Gard TC10

Gard TC10 effortlessly removes limescale (calcium deposits) and restores discoloured tiles to their original condition. 

Gard TC10 is a safe, technologically advanced cleaner that can be used across a wide variety of areas and surfaces including tiles, poolside's, changing rooms, saunas and showers.

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Gard TC10 helps you attract, impress and retain members year after year by maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in reoccurring problem areas. Gard TC10 replaces traditional hazardous acid cleaners such as hydrochloric (HCL), phosphoric, citric etc.

Easy application via mop or deck scrub.


Safe on metals and glass

Pleasant odour

Does not affect pH or TDS readings

Dilutes with water for greater economy

Advanced cleaner which replaces acid-based cleaners.

Used across a variety of areas – poolside, changing rooms etc.

Restores tiles to a new condition.

Will not affect water pH or TDS readings.


• 5 Litres 

• 20 Litres