4 x 5L Gard PUR 60 PUR Cleaner (Cured / Non Cured)

4 x 5L Gard PUR 60 PUR Cleaner (Cured / Non Cured)

Gard PUR 60 is a liquid cleaning agent specially developed to remove all cured and uncured PUR adhesive residue from equipment, components and roller-fed systems and applicators.

Its unique liquid formulation is part of Gard Chemicals' comprehensive range of hot melt adhesive cleaners and quickly breaks down PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesives from all surfaces and components. 

Gard PUR 60 – Liquid Cleaner for PUR adhesive is specially formulated for use across industries including woodworking, printing, bookbinding and the automotive sector for regular hot melt system cleaning and maintenance.

GARD PUR 60 is the perfect solution for any industry which uses PUR adhesive 

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Areas of Application

Gard PUR 60  is used in pre emptied PUR systems / equipment where the removal of PUR adhesive material is required or a change of PUR adhesive is needed.

Tanks and Hoses can be cleaned in 1 simple action by circulating Gard PUR 60 through the hose system and looping it back into the tank to enable circulation, therefore cleaning both the tank and hose at the same time.

If only the tank requires cleaning then simply fill the tank reservoir and heat as per label instructions.

Spare parts for example – Nozzles, Modules etc can be heated in a solution of Gard PUR 60 to very quickly breakdown all deposits.

If the PUR adhesive is still in liquid form (uncured) then apply Gard PUR 60 direct to the surface to be cleaned and wipe down.


  • Liquid Formulation

  • Effective on cured / uncured PUR

  • Operator Safe

  • Safe on Plastics / Rubber

  • VOC Free / Exempt

Industries Used

  • Woodworking

  • Packaging

  • Automotive

  • Bookbinding