12 x 750ml Gard Oleo 60 VOC Free Hot Melt Cleaner

12 x 750ml Gard Oleo 60 VOC Free Hot Melt Cleaner

Gard Oleo 60 is a VOC-free hot melt cleaner specifically developed to clean and remove hot melt adhesive residues.

It’s perfect for use in the bottling, food, nonwoven and packaging industries and contains no VOCs (volatile organic content), so it releases no toxic emissions into the air during use. 

Gard Oleo 60 is a low-odour, non citrus-based hot melt cleaning agent that’s safe to use on label brushes, vacuum drums, plastic machine guards, seals and o-rings.

Gard Oleo 60 is:

  • Non Toxic
  • Non Flammable
  • Odourless In Use
  • NSF Approved
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Gard Oleo 60 – VOC Free Non Citrus Hot Melt Cleaner is non-flammable and can also be used as a soak tank product to clean and remove charred and burnt-on hot melt adhesive.

Gard Oleo 60 is part of Gard Chemicals' comprehensive range of environmentally friendly adhesive cleaners and release agents that tackle the toughest hot melt residues, charred adhesive, cold glues and cold adhesives.

Gard Oleo 60 accreditations and approvals

NSF-approved hot melt cleaner

Widely used in BRC-accredited plants for to clean hot melt systems

Approved hot melt cleaner within New Zealand MPI (Ministry Primary Industries) for use within all food plants (except dairy)

Canada Health-accepted hot melt cleaner

Areas of use

Gard Oleo 60 Hot Melt Cleaner is widely used to remove hot melt adhesive residue from machine parts, surfaces and equipment including:

  • Label stations

  • Guide rails

  • Applicator wheels

  • Glue nozzles

  • Glue modules

  • Label carriages

  • Label brushes

  • Transfer belts

  • Glue tank externals

  • Vacuum drum

  • Plastic machine guards

  • Areas of overspray 

Gard Oleo 60 Hot Melt Adhesive Cleaner — quick key facts:

  • External hot melt cleaner

  • VOC-free adhesive cleaner

  • Hot melt cleaner for bottling lines

  • Hot melt cleaner for label brushes

  • Hot melt cleaner for labelling lines

  • Hot melt cleaner for vacuum drum

  • Non-citrus hot melt cleaner