4 x 5L Gard EV60 Hot Melt Cleaner

4 x 5L Gard EV60 Hot Melt Cleaner

Gard EV60 is a new liquid formulation specially developed to clean and remove all hot melt adhesive residues from areas within the bottling, food, nonwoven and packaging industries.

Uniquely formulated as a non citrus hot melt cleaner, Gard EV60 is one of the best non-flammable and non-corrosive hot melt adhesive cleaners, to protect your equipment and system machinery as well as protecting the environment.

It's a low odour cleaning agent and is a safe hot melt cleaner to use on label brushes, hoses, vacuum drums, plastic machine guards, seals and o-rings to safely remove glue.

Gard EV60 is:

  • Non Flammable
  • Odourless In Use
  • NSF Approved
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Gard EV60 is also used extensively by customers across the world as a release agent for cleaning melt tanks and as a soak tank product to clean and remove charred/burnt-on hot melt adhesive.

Perfect for cleaning 

Gard EV60 Hot Melt Cleaner is widely used to remove hot melt adhesives and residue from surfaces and machinery including:

  • Label stations

  • Bottling lines

  • Guide rails

  • Applicator wheels

  • Glue nozzles

  • Glue modules

  • Label carriages

  • Label brushes

  • Transfer belts

  • Glue tank externals

  • Vacuum drums

  • Plastic machine guards

  • Areas of overspray

Accreditations and approvals

  • Gard EV60 is an NSF-approved hot melt cleaner

  • Gard EV60 is widely used within BRC-accredited plants for the removal of hot melt

  • Gard EV60 is an approved hot melt cleaner within New Zealand MPI (Ministry Primary Industries) for use within all food plants (except dairy)

  • Gard EV60 is a Canada Health-accepted hot melt cleaner

Gard EV60 Hot Melt Cleaner — quick key facts:

  • Hot melt cleaner suitable for bottling lines, label brushes, bottling lines and vacuum drums

  • Non citrus adhesive cleaner

  • NSF-approved hot melt cleaner