5L Shower and Pool Cleaner - Degree

5L Shower and Pool Cleaner - Degree

Degree is all you need to remove body fat, grease and soap deposits found in pool, shower areas, saunas, Turkish baths, spas and changing rooms.

First impressions matter, and unsightly fat and soap deposits not only cause slip hazards but are also active breeding grounds for bacteria, which can lead to customer complaints.

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Degree removes body fat, grease and soap contamination from floors, walls, benches and many other areas commonly found in sports centres, fitness and leisure clubs, gymnasiums, swimming pools, saunas, spas and hotels.

Degree bespoke formula is ideal for sports clubs including football, athletics, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf etc.

Removes body fat, soap and grease deposits.

Ideal for floors, tiles, poolside, steam rooms, saunas etc.

Will not affect water pH or TDS readings.

Dilutes with water for even greater economy.

Easy application via mop, deck scrub or machine.


• 5 Litres 

• 20 Litres