Gard BTS Bitumen Release

Gard BTS Bitumen Release

GARD BTS is formulated to enable bitumen based materials to be discharged easily and without sticking.  GARD BTS is used on truck bodies, rollers, conveyors etc.  

GARD BTS is widely used throughout the manufacture, transportation, laying, patching and repair operations of companies involved with bitumen/tarmac.

GARD BTS provides a dry non-stick film once the water content has been evaporated by the heat from the bitumen.

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GARD BTS has Multi Release Properties.

GARD BTS forms a microscopic barrier between bitumen and all hard surfaces.

GARD BTS will help prevent corrosion on plant/equipment. 

Non-solvent based

Will not damage bitumen

Environmentally Friendly

Safe on all metals, plastics and rubber

Will not damage hoses.


GARD BTS is used on delivery vehicles, road laying plant, mixers, buckets, hoppers, pavers, patching machines and all associated equipment used when working with bitumen.


• 5 Litre

• 20 Litres

• 220 Litres

• 1000 Litre IBC