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Health & Leisure

Health & Leisure

Gard Chemicals have historically been involved within the leisure industries since its formation in the mid 1970’s with products developed for the traditional “Turkish Baths”.  Over numerous years there has been a drive and demand for Leisure Facilities across the market, and often holidays are booked on the choice of facilities available and reviews will reflect such areas.

Within this highly competitive market (both public and private) the importance of facilities is ever paramount therefore the industry, has followed customer demand and perception for cleanliness and this is often where memberships / revenues are won and sadly lost.

Wet Leisure naturally has its own unique areas of concern when it comes to cleaning and hygiene for example discoloured tiles, calcium build-up etc. Swimming pools, spas and changing rooms are inevitably more prone to slips if flooring isn’t effectively cleaned and maintained.

With our deep knowledge and extensive experience of supplying and working across both the private and public sector and of course national chains which operate such facilities has made us a recognised leader within the Leisure Industry.

This range covers all applications within the industry including :

  • Body Fat / Scum Removers
  • Calcium (limescale) Remover
  • Discoloured Tile Renovators
  • Safety Floor Cleaners
  • Specialist Treatment for shower drains

Should your facility be experiencing difficulty in cleaning showers, tiles, floors, sauna / steam rooms now is the time to talk with us.