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Building & Construction

Building & Construction

Multi-national companies which are involved in the Building and Construction of major European projects have been part of the Gard Chemicals history for many years and has encompassed house building, road construction along with major projects such as the UK rail and power infrastructure.

Combined with the project element, within the supply chain we have long-standing partnerships with companies involved in the material supply which are needed to complete the project for example – Concrete and Cement, Tarmacadam, Plant Hire etc.

We specialise in meeting individual customer requirements, in order to solve problems throughout the Building and Construction Industry. Gard Chemicals has been the supplier of choice with the necessary accreditations to ensure products conform to current legislations and market needs.

This range covers all applications within the Building and Construction Industry:

  • Plant Descalers
  • Bitumen Release Agents
  • Bitumen Removers
  • Scaffolding Clip Lubricants
  • Fuel Spill Dispersants
  • Acid Free Cement and Mortar Removal

Wherever your own site / job is experiencing difficulties in removing a particular residue / soiling on a structure or surface then now is the time to talk with us. Common Issues within the Building and Construction Industry which we deal with on a daily basis include:

  • Cement Run
  • Bitumen Removal
  • Bitumen Slip
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Staining on Blockwork
  • Plant Descaler
  • Seized Scaffolding Clips / Fittings